Cold Strawberry Latte


Ingredients for one glass of Cold Strawberry Latte

- handful of fresh strawberries
- 150ml water
- 250ml plant based milk (I used oat milk)
- a pinch of salt, cinnamon and vanilla
- ice cubes (optional) 



Combine the water and fresh strawberries in a pot and boil up until a saucy texture forms.
Mix the spices with the oat milk and stir/ foam it up.
Pour the strawberry sauce into a glass and fill it up with the oat milk mix.
Optionally, add ice cubes and spices.

This unusual drink was actually something I did not plan to create, but more .. happened.
It’s summer here in Berlin and we all love the sun and our fresh fruit when it's in season - which seems like is two weeks of the whole year... So there's this kind of summer thing, that there is always someone who brings back strawberries from the strawberry-shaped fruit stall opposite our house, some market or garden. Even though they usually don't last long, sometimes they do stand around in the warm air for a while and get a little mushy - No reason to throw them away! Better boil them up and use as a strawberry sauce for all kinds of dishes!

It was a hot summer's afternoon. I was sitting at my desk, windows wide open and in the mood for a cool, sweet drink. I did not have any coffee in the house. I did not want to buy anything. And I did not want to leave the house. But what I did have was strawberry sauce.

So this is how the Cold Strawberry Latte happened.


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